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Adaption of Telematics Technology to Revolutionize Employee Transportation

Employee Transport Management Solutions

With rapid industrialization and swift growth of IT companies in India, there are many challenges which needs to be addressed from a corporate angle and one among them is managing the Employee Transport operations. It is estimated that around three lakh employees work at BPO/Call centres in and around Bangalore and nearly all of them […]

Five Ways to Reduce Employee Transportation Costs


Businesses will always look for various ways to reduce the operational cost of their transport activities. Every day, Transport Managers are put under pressure to efficiently run their vehicles without any hassle and at the same time, they are also bound to control the expenses to a larger extent. Reducing transportation costs is not an […]

Role of Mobile Technology in Transforming the Fleet Management

Employee Transport Management using Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology has become an inevitable part of the human society. Today, we live and breathe with various advanced mobile applications in our day-to-day life for even the simplest form of work. According to Frost & Sullivan estimates, there will be 80 billion connected devices by 2020 and by 2018, 6.2 billion mobile phone users […]

Commercial Vehicle Telematics : Industry Outlook

Commercial Vehicle Telematics

In a developing country like India, the Commercial Vehicle Telematics industry is slowly making its presence felt in the unorganized Logistics sector. The untapped market is seeing a huge potential growth over the years with increased spending from the Indian Government for improving infrastructure. The implementation of laws pertaining to Cargo and Passenger safety is […]

DRIVE Supervisor App: Catering to the needs of Fleet Management

DRIVE Supervisor app for fleet management

Coordination is the essence of fleet management. Particularly, in Car Rentals and Employee Transportation System, supervisors play an important role as a linking pin to improve the quality of service. The duties of Supervisor will mostly include the following:  Ensure timely pickup & drop of Customer or Employee  Keeping track of vehicle location and status […]

Telematics for Corporate Employee Transportation

Telematics_for_corporate employee_transport

In India there are about 2.5 lakh employees of corporates are using transport provided by their companies, this employee movement is handled by niche transporters with about 3 lakh fleet across the Country. It might be eye-raising that companies are spending 6-8% of their operating cost on corporate employee transportation alone. We at Sun Telematics […]