Sun Fleet

Sun Fleet is an end-to-end web/mobile based fleet management application which helps customers to manage their fleet effectively, efficiently and save operational cost. This application is specifically designed to be used by verticals like Logistics, Employee Transportation, School Buses, Car Rentals, Public Transport, Cash Vans etc.

The Sun Fleet software solution provides much more than just location management. This integrated fleet automation platform utilizes tracking data to help reduce company’s transportation costs and promote safety, compliance and productivity. Sun Fleet is such an integrated application that provides comprehensive data on all the transportation activities instantly, and it feeds our customers with inclusive business insights, smarter management decisions and increased fleet efficiency.

Sun Fleet-Vehicle-Management-System


Our in-vehicle GPS/GPRS black box sends the Lat-Long Data to our servers and it is converted to intelligent business data by our logical algorithms at the backend and our clients can access this data from the cloud in real-time.


Our comprehensive fleet management software provides the customers an absolute control and helps them to reduce the cost of their Logistics operations. We have designed and developed various solutions for verticals like cold chain logistics, last-mile logistics and first mile logistics. The key benefits of these solutions include:

  • Optimization of the fleet vehicles
  • Driver efficiency
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of vehicles
  • Alerts for any deviations or unwarranted stops in the journey
  • Diagnostic analytics of trip history
  • Any Sensor related alerts
  • Customized reports for better decision making
  • Consignee Tracking
  • Customer Delight
Vehicle tracking solution for Logistics

Our customized fleet management application integrated with in-vehicle GPS tracking device developed for the fleets of Schools and Colleges enables the transport team to manage their fleet efficiently and provides a safe journey for the students. Our Mobile based application for the parents ‘Find My Cab’ helps them to track their wards and also acts as a communication bridge between the institute and the parents. The key features of this application include:

  • Real-time monitoring of fleet
  • RFID/HID based attendance reports
  • Alerts on any route deviations
  • Authentication on Pickup & Drop of students
  • Provides information to parents on ETA of vehicle
  • Meets all statutory guidelines for student transport
Fleet Management Software for Schools & Colleges

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