Employee Transportation Management 

Sun Telematics provides end-to-end automation solutions for Employee Transport Management. All the processes including Employee Rostering, Routing and Scheduling, Allocation of Vehicles, Pick/Drop Management and Billings are fully automated and will be performed quickly.

Solutions are designed, keeping in mind the key requirements of all stakeholders (employee, driver, transport vendor and corporate). Key areas of focus are Cost effectiveness, Employee comfort and safety, On-time trips, Timely pick and drop, Instant billing and payments, Performance audit and Statutory compliance of transport operations.

Drive : Employee Transportation Solution


Employee Transportation is a very complex process that requires dynamic planning to meet ad-hoc and on-time pick/drop requests to minimize employee travel time. Involvement of multiple stakeholders (employee, driver, and supervisor), facilities, routes, transport vendors and statutory requirements makes it very cumbersome and requires a large transport desk.

Current industry solution providers are trying to automate some parts of the employee transport process by Routing & Scheduling for optimizing routes, GPS tracking to get real time visibility, and Billing software to generate invoices and reduce the billing cycle. But none of the solutions completely automates the entire process, and provides a single integrated solution platform to connect all stakeholders. Key challenges faced by industry are:

  • Paper trip sheet leading to manual errors
  • Long billing cycle of 2 to 3 months
  • Manual rostering and routing
  • Employee safety and comfort
  • Longer duration of employee travel time
  • High call volume for managing operation


Our state-of-the-art solution provides the following advantages:

  • End-to-end Automation
  • E-trip Sheets
  • Automated Routing & Scheduling
  • Employee Safety, Travel Time
  • Allocation Engine
  • Four-level Employee Security System

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