DRIVE is an advanced Transportation Management platform, which helps manage all types of transportation needs such as Corporate Employee Transportation, Car Rentals, Outstation Trips, Intracity Package Trips and Commercial Local Delivery Operations.

A single technology platform enables a transport vendor or a corporate to manage different types of trips like Regular office pick-up and drop shifts, Airport pick-up and drops, Point-to-point package trips and Multiple day intercity trips.

The DRIVE platform allows transport vendors to Manage multiple corporate customers, Assign vehicles & supervisors to a corporate, and Create different tariff structure for each corporate. A vendor can also attach vehicles from multiple sub-vendors and individual vehicle owners.

A corporate can also maintain many vendors for each facility or for each city. They can choose the type of service they need from a vendor and define billing rules according to the negotiated contract with a vendor.

DRIVE - Advanced Transport Management System
DRIVE Transport Management System

Key Features:

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Powerful MIS Reports
  • Instant Billing
  • Payment & Receipts Management
  • End-to-End Automation
  • E-trip Sheet
  • Auto Routing & Scheduling
  • Live Tracking
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DRIVE Solution Package

DRIVE is a complete solution package which connects all people involved in transport operations namely Driver, Transport supervisor, Customer, Transport Manager and Corporate Employee. It has mobile apps for parties involved in day-to-day operations that enable them to stay connected always and exchange information in real time to take decisions quickly. Following are the applications included in the DRIVE solution package:

The web platform of DRIVE is hosted on cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. The transport manager can easily Manage booking, Ongoing trips, Real-time tracking & analysis, and MIS reports as he has full control of the operations through the web portal. An operations dashboard provides a quick view of all trips and issues that need to be addressed. Also, we provide a management dashboard that shows the long term strategic view of operations and profitability analysis of the business.

DRIVE Web Application

A driver can keep track of his duty hours, current trips and customer’s location. He can as well navigate to his assigned customer’s pick up point using the driver app. In addition, he can view his past trips & his earnings for a selected period, and also keep a track on fuel reimbursements & other expenses.

DRIVE Driver App

The application allows a supervisor to manage his assigned fleet on the move, with complete visibility of allocated cabs and drivers. He can easily Assign vehicles for new trip requests, Connect with driver, Modify routes and Monitor ongoing trips. Real-time alerts are received in case of any deviation in time schedule, routes, speed violations, any support required by the driver and an SOS alert in case of emergency.

DRIVE Supervisor App

Customers can download the booking app and use it for Booking trips, Tracking cab, Making payment, and Connecting with both the driver and the helpdesk. Customers receive instant notifications for booking confirmation, cab arrival, and payment. In case of emergency, an SOS alert can be sent by the customer.

DRIVE Booking App

An employee app is especially designed for corporate employees, keeping in mind their day-to-day needs of on-time, comfortable and safe travel. Employees can set their pick-up point for the driver to pick them up. An employee can also set alarms for their shift, cab arrival and for other important events. For example, an employee wants to be alerted 10 minutes before the arrival of his cab, he will be alerted when the cab is about to reach his location with a 10 minute ETA. An employee can raise a request for unscheduled trips for official purpose and the bill would be sent directly to his company. He can also book a cab for his personal use and pay either by cash or card. The mobile application can also provide notifications on any important office related information.


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