Managed services for employee transportation


What are managed services?

Wikipedia defines Managed Services as the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis certain processes and functions intended to improve operations and cut expenses. Usually a particular service in an organisation consists of multiple processes which are in turn fulfilled by different service providers, providing individually for each service. The customer, under this model, has to deal with each service provider individually and manage them. This not only increases the burden on the part of the customer for he has to deal with multiple entities in order to virtually manage a single service but also affects the quality of the overall service as different service providers come with different levels of service quality as well. However, under Managed Services, a single services provider accounts for serving all the functions and processes which are part of the larger service that is the superset of all the functions and processes. This way, not only the customer is dealing with a single entity but also the service quality is uniform across functions and processes leading to a more comfortable user experience.


Managed services for employee transportation

Managed services for employee transportation comprises of transport management services that fulfill an organisation’s need to commute its employees. Sun Telematics’ managed services for employee transportation cover all the requirements of a corporate client by providing the best vendors, drivers, vehicles and a robust IT infrastructure to support them. We also take care to manage the on ground operations as well as maintain an in house call center to look after the smallest requirements and grievances of the employees.


Current Scenario

Usually, corporates hire multiple vendors to manage the transportation of their employees. Not only does this require an increased amount of manpower on the corporate’s part to deal with multiple people in the first place but also poses challenges implementing the SLAs and maintaining internal compliance standards. Due to the unorganised nature of the working that most vehicle vendors follow there arise leakages in the system where the integrity and security of the process and transactional data is under threat too. Further, the usage of technology for the management of their vehicles is almost non existent with most of the vendors which reduces the efficiency of the whole system and reduces transparency.  

Our Offering

Sun Telematics’ managed services for employee transportation comprise of the following:

  • Drive – People transport management platform

Drive is an automation platform for people transportation that helps transform your current operating procedures to boost engagement and create a better and more secure experience for all stakeholders.The platform intends to empower operators with web and mobile based technology to increase fleet utilisation and reduce manpower in their respective businesses. Drive helps manage your transport operations with features like Automated billing, route optimisation, inventory management and tracking to name a few.

  • Top industry vendors and professional drivers

Our long association with various vendors and drivers serving the industry has helped us develop their work profile along with time. We have the service and performance records of all the vendors and drivers associated with us which helps us select the best of them to serve your requirements.

  • Professionally managed vast and varied fleet of statutory compliant vehicles

Owing to the large number of vendors operating on our platform, we have a large pool of vehicles ranging from economy hatchbacks to luxury sedans and from mini vans to luxury buses. This not only helps in serving your precise requirements but also makes us fully capable to serve your adhoc vehicle needs.

  • Strict adherence to SLAs and parameters of compliance

All the features in our software as well as the ground staff have respectively been strictly developed and trained keeping in view that they are compliant with the industry and process standards. Further, we take utmost care in keeping the integrity of the SLAs signed between parties and work accordingly.

  • 24/7 Travel support desk

Sun Telematics’ services come along with a 24/7 Travel support desk which acts as a single point contact for all your employee needs. Our support staff comes with years of experience managing employee transport operations and are well trained in their work.


Sun Telematics has come a long way since its inception in 2013 to grow up to become the major employee transportation technology and service provider in India. The large volume of operations that we oversee has enabled us to account for the solutions of smallest of the problems that various end users face in the process of entertaining and serving employee transportation. With managed services, we are committed to serve our clients even better to make the conveyance for employees easy and comfortable and enable our corporate clients to keep up with their internal standards.

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Shantanu Raj Soni

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