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Adaption of Telematics Technology to Revolutionize Employee Transportation

With rapid industrialization and swift growth of IT companies in India, there are many challenges which needs to be addressed from a corporate angle and one among them is managing the Employee Transport operations. It is estimated that around three lakh employees work at BPO/Call centres in and around Bangalore and nearly all of them use company transport facility. Similarly, for many other corporates, ferrying their employees from door-step to office and dropping them back is indeed a very challenging task. It requires careful planning, advanced technology support, timely action and periodic analysis.

Challenges in managing Employee Transportation:

Managing the operations of Corporate Employee transportation is very complex and dynamic. For example, the average head count of a BPO company, would be in the range of 1500 to 2000 employees and their geographical residing location would be spread across various parts of the city. The challenge for any Transport Manager will be to make sure that all the employees are provided pick-up and drop as per the shift schedule with a minimum travel time. To do so, the transport manager must roll out a control mechanism to monitor and address critical issues with the transport vendor. 

Some of the pain areas in managing transport operations are Aligning the vehicles as per shift time, Deviation in Transport Process by the vendor, Optimising the number of routes, Low seat utilisation, Billing and Accounting errors, Verification and validation of MIS reports and most importantly, employee’s concerns like Safety issues, longer travel duration, frequent changes in the roster and unscheduled trips.

How Mobile Technology serves as a Telematics solution:

‘Telematics’ – An essential tool, that has come a long way from its impressive inception in military operations in saving lives, to its growing capabilities on a large-scale civilian reach with variations and new features being added frequently. As telematics technology continues to evolve in its usage, we can witness increased personalisation, greater interactivity and enhanced connectivity between all the parties involved. This means transport services will benefit from better, faster and more relevant data from their vehicles, providing greater functional awareness leading to more cost-effective operation for businesses. 

Telematics Technology in Employee Transportation

Today, instead of simple track and trace, companies are adapting to advanced Telematics Technology using mobile apps for their Transport Management System. It has become an integral part of many organizations’ fleet operations, helping them to reduce transportation costs, improving employees’ safety, managing vehicles, and increasing overall productivity. The use of Automated Routing and Scheduling mechanism, will help in showing the best possible short route and improve seat utilisation. Mobile GPS, helps in having a direct control over all the cabs on road and assists in monitoring cab location, speed, distance travelled, cab status, route taken, driver name, cab number etc. One can also track the employees registered in the system based on their employee ID to learn about their safe home reach and cab login & logout time. Hence, the Telematics Technology has considerably helped the companies in bringing down all their transportation related problems and has also ensured their employee safety.

Why Adapt to Telematics Technology?

The primary goal of companies is to save time and money. Telematics technology is transforming cabs into smarter, safer and well-connected vehicles. The next-gen telematics applications conveniently provide Transport Operators with visibility and insights of their transport operations, enabling them to increase profits and performance, reduce fuel cost and carbon emissions, efficient routing and scheduling, automation of documenting the records, prevents unauthorized usage of vehicles, increased employee safety and better customer service. So, wait no more! Adapt to the latest Telematics Technology now and efficiently scale-up your business.

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