DRIVE Supervisor app for fleet management

DRIVE Supervisor App: Catering to the needs of Fleet Management

Coordination is the essence of fleet management. Particularly, in Car Rentals and Employee Transportation System, supervisors play an important role as a linking pin to improve the quality of service. The duties of Supervisor will mostly include the following:

  •  Ensure timely pickup & drop of Customer or Employee
  •  Keeping track of vehicle location and status
  •  Replacement during vehicle break down
  •  Coordinate with colleagues in case of vehicle shortage

During the course of their work, they also face challenges like;

  •  Making frequent phone calls to learn about the vehicle location and status
  •  Supervisors are not stationed at one place, keeps them disconnected from timely updates
  •  Once scheduled, any job modification or vehicle replacement is a time-consuming process
  •  Connecting with Driver or Employee for any kind of communication is difficult
  •  Cab fulfillment during the shortage of vehicles in the fleet

Sun Telematics is the first company in India to introduce a mobile App for Supervisors in Transport Sector, to provide the best solution to them for improving their nature of work.

DRIVE Supervisor app may be used either by the supervisor or any other person in context. This comprehensive solution is developed with the objective of helping supervisors to manage their fleet from any remote location. Supervisor App provides detailed information about all vehicles assigned to the supervisor. This android app is available on play store for download.

Application Features:

  1.  Vehicle Status:
  • Active – When driver has logged into the application
  • On Job – Vehicles with allocated jobs
  • Free – Yet to allocate
  • Inactive – Either driver has not logged in or there is a technical issue
  1.  Alerts:
  • Receive Panic Alerts from employee in case of emergencies
  • Geofence Alerts
  1.  Modification of jobs at any point of time
  2.  View both EMS (Employee Management System) and RAC (Rent A Car) jobs on the same app
  3.  Live Tracking of vehicles
  4.  Chat with colleagues
  5.  Raise request for cab (Cross Utilisation)
  6.  Make Call through the app to Driver or Employee

To know more about this Application, you can contact us on the below details:


Mob: 9880788145 / 9448052324

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