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Telematics for Corporate Employee Transportation

In India there are about 2.5 lakh employees of corporates are using transport provided by their companies, this employee movement is handled by niche transporters with about 3 lakh fleet across the Country. It might be eye-raising that companies are spending 6-8% of their operating cost on corporate employee transportation alone.

We at Sun Telematics have now come with a great solution named DRIVE, which firstly makes the entire process of end – end employee movement paperless, with this we can minimize the manpower spend of the companies and move to an era of technology controlled operations. With an automated system, the companies can now optimize their requirement of fleet & provide employees a great satisfaction of on-time pickup and drop. This technology also offers great safety to employees, such as soft panic and avoidance of first female pickup or last drop. We have not stopped at addressing employee movement in shifts but also provide technology for their employee’s use of private cars & shuttles.

For the employees apart from Safety, their entire transport plan can be scheduled by themselves with our mobile application. Moreover, no more waiting for the cab on the road, our application will give the ETA of the vehicle scheduled. For the transport vendor, it provides the automated system to manage his fleet optimally and increases his earning potential. DRIVE helps all the players in the ecosystem of Corporate Transport.

Companies which have used our technology have provided us data, which shows a considerable saving of about 10% of their operating cost in the first one year of implementation. Our solution follows all NASSCOM guidelines & Government statutory guidelines to help corporates to safely & optimally serve the transport requirement of employees.

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