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sunfleet app for fleet management

Sun Fleet

Sun Fleet is an end-to-end web/mobile based fleet management application which helps the customers to manage their fleet effectively, efficiently and save cost.

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national permit

National Permit

National Permit is an innovative fleet management app, designed for small transport vehicle owners to meet their day-to-day needs of transport activities.

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drive findmycab app


DRIVE is a supply chain management platform, which integrates complex algorithms and maps supply to

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Our Highly-Integrated Robust Solutions OFFER YOU


Remote Vehicle Tracking

Keep track of your vehicles or moving assets instantly from any remote location, offering the complete real-time visibility.Read more

Improved Safety

Advanced safety solutions on web/mobile to facilitate the passenger a safe ride, and assures security in any panic situations.Read more

Detailed Analytics Reports

Provides Integrated Analytics Reports on application dashboard, which brings you better insights on various metrics that matter most to your business.Read more

Reduces Transportation Costs

Improved control over all the fleet vehicles essentially reduces most of the expenses related to your transportation, and saves significant transportation costs.Read more

Paperless Documentations

Availability of Live or Historic Tripsheets on electronic devices like Computer or Mobile phone, to refer at any point of time, essentially eliminates the use of papers.Read more

Real-time Alerts

No matter where your vehicle is, by using our solution, you can stay in touch with real-time activity alerts via Computers or Mobile phones.Read more



Sun Telematics is a software company, essentially providing application platforms using telematics tools for transportation domain. We offer a wide variety of end-to-end telematics applications to our clients, that helps them to enhance their efficiency in various transport operations and thereby saving a huge amount of transportation costs for their company. At Sun Telematics, our skilled team of experts understands the needs of our clients, analyze them, and then set to design and deploy the advanced cutting edge solutions at the most affordable cost.

We innovate and deliver the technologically advanced solutions & seamless services to our customers for optimizing their fleets. Our unparalleled application designs are continuously addressing the painful areas in transport verticals like Corporate Transport, FMCG, Pharma, School Transport & Logistics.

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